Dating While Navigating Health Issues

Before I let you in on how I explore the wild universe of dating at a day and a half, will disclose to you this. As a large number of you know, I went through the most recent 12 years attempting to keep myself alive and shlepping around from one specialist to another and healer to healer. It was an everyday work so I possessed in a real sense ZERO energy for companions and dating. It sounds awful however it’s actual and any individual who’s experienced a comparative circumstance with ongoing medical problems gets it. As a matter of first importance, you’re stuck in a persistent condition of battle/flight/freeze mode so your whole world in a real sense spins around you which a few group may see as being egotistical and allowed me to advise you, being childish while going through something like this doesn’t enter your thoughts. You are in a real sense attempting to endure your day. I’m certain a significant number of you can relate.

All things considered, I’ve put forth a valiant effort to date in the middle of medicines and scenes of me feeling like I got hit by a Mack truck. A lot of people set me up, which is fun and furthermore crazy as it were… they say, “How are you single Amie????!!!! I will set you up with my sibling’s sister’s uncle’s cousin’s canine walker.” Um, OK. At any rate, you get the image. Regardless of whether I’m out on the town with a canine walker or a financier on Wall Street it’s all the equivalent since it’s about how agreeable and safe I feel and how tolerating he can be of my way of life and my past.

Presently, I’ve been on many dates in the 14 years I’ve lived in Manhattan. Hundreds.

However, they’re overall a similar Joe Schmo and I’m not searching for Joe Schmo. I’m searching for something other than what’s expected on the grounds that I’m unique and I prefer it as such. Among a few hundred men, I’ve met a small bunch of men that have totally blown my mind. Three to be definite. One was the point at which I was 30, another this August and another last month. Presently, I’m an Aquarius and I’m profound so when I meet a man that gets that, it’s mystical. I mean unadulterated wizardry. I’m certain large numbers of you can relate. Thus that piece of dating is really enchanted. I love meeting new individuals and finding out about their past and how their character framed dependent on their past encounters, injuries, training, travel, etc.

Dating in Manhattan is an entire other cup of tea versus the remainder of the world… or so I hear individuals advise me. I quite appreciate it and I’ve taken in a couple of things en route that I needed to impart to you whether you met the man you had always wanted and you’re 3 months into your relationship, you’re going to get ready for marriage or you’re taken off on your first date with your marvelous smash from your office.


We should begin with eating and drinking since let’s be honest, men need to eat and drink, haha. Presently, I haven’t had a cocktail in more than 12 years and I don’t eat gluten, dairy, soy or refined-sugar in light of the fact that my stomach detonates on the off chance that I do. All things considered, except if the man inquires as to whether I don’t drink, in the event that he needs to meet for a mixed drink, I don’t get into it… I simply proceed to meet him at the bar and when he asks what I need I advise him, “I don’t drink so I’ll have a pleasant container of water.” End of story. No inquiries posed. Presently, in my 20s this was distinctive however in my 30s, the men I date get it. A considerable lot of them don’t drink either so when we get to the bar, we both get waters or tea and it’s overly adorable and ridiculously pleasant. The last two men I profoundly associated with didn’t drink and we had brilliant dates so liquor isn’t required. In the event that a man believes it’s odd that you don’t drink or prods you, he isn’t your man. Recollect that.

I will add that the last two men I truly associated with I got together with at decent bars in Manhattan, however when we got to the bar and acknowledged neither of us drink, we had tea and a pleasant filtered water and they were two of the best dates I’ve at any point had. It’s interesting how the universe knows precisely who to throw into your life to cause you to acknowledge there are men like this out there!


On a first date, the discussion consistently comes up, “What sort of work do you do?” And I’m thinking… all things considered, that is a tedious account, mate! So on the grounds that my work includes discussing my past, I delicately address it and say I went through some medical problems in my 20s and recuperated myself and went into business and composed a book and yakkity yak and that is it. Except if they get some information about my wellbeing, that is all I say since that is all they need to know now. My attention is on us and having fun, not sharing as long as I can remember story. As the dates go on and as they pose more inquiries, I share more and the men I’ve been out with have been amazingly strong and seeing so they are out there, women!

Zero in ON YOU

I should say being single in my 20s and mid 30s permitted me to find who I am and has permitted me to really understand what I need and what I don’t need. What I needed in my 20s isn’t what I need now in my 30s so I am amazingly appreciative for having these years to truly focus on what it is that illuminates me and spotlight on my own bliss and interests before I jump into a relationship. Accomplishing the inside work on myself has been significant and extraordinary, which is the reason I’ve made this a huge piece of my work in The Valpone Method™. Understanding why I unwittingly pick certain men over others has been SO enlightening and has guided me more towards the sort of man that I want.


Being credible to me is tied in with stripping back the layers of the onion you’ve had heaped on you since you were a kid – the “should’s” and “should do’s” and all the garbage that society and instructors and guardians and associates, etc have unloaded on you to adjust to a specific method of living, dressing, acting, and so forth At the point when we begin to strip back those layers of programming that completely crashed us from who were are at our center, our actual self radiates through and let me disclose to you when you arrive, it’s a supernatural spot. Additionally, drawing in a man when you’re in that spot is mystical. How would I know?

Since my nearby gathering of lady friends and other profoundly cognizant couples that I appreciate are living confirmation. You can’t be inauthentic and draw in a true, genuine, profound man. It’s simply not a match. Your energy is coming from two better places and you’re vibrating on two entirely unexpected frequencies. Everything is energy. Recollect that. Everything. You draw in what you are from an extremely profound psyche level (which was made from your past encounters).

As a continuation of the above point, disentangling and shedding are vital, which is the reason I keep on carrying on with my life as per what feels better and I follow my happiness. As messy as that sounds, I don’t actually mind since it’s what works for me. What’s more, in the event that I were a man (the sort of man that I need to draw in), I wouldn’t need a lady who is frantically looking for him. That energy is so substantial to me. Furthermore, energy is the thing that draws in energy. Like energy pulls in like energy so in case you’re frantic and looking through like a distraught lady, indeed, that is the thing that you’ll get back. All in all, what energy would you say you are radiating? This isn’t simply on a cognizant level, this is likewise done subconsciuosly, which is the reason jumping into your feelings is KEY on the off chance that you need to draw in what you need. That may be what you need however it’s not what I need. I need a man who knows what his identity is and who isn’t hesitant to open up and act naturally around me.

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